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Hybrid-Custom Panhard Bar

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Thought I'd share my recent panhard bar installation experience for those interested...

Recently I purchased an adjustable PH bar w/ relocation kit from Ingalls Engineering. Needed the adjustability because I'd planned on lowering the car with Steeda Boss springs, and the relocation kit seemed to make sense... it moves the bar out several inches away from the axle, making it parallel to the axle for better geometry. Plus, at $87 shipped, the price was right.

I got the bar and, and while it is a very nicely engineered and turned-out piece, the "forgings", or ends use rubber bushings. And fairly soft ones at that. I installed the bar anyway, and it went in fairly easily. But, I decided I really needed solid bushings (or rod ends) to solidly locate the axle laterally, so my quest to "customize" began.

I called Ingalls and they did not stock solid-bushed ends or rod ends for their bar. Instead, they recommended I call a small company in KS, Rod End Supply.

I called Rod End Supply, but they didn't stock any M18-20 thread rod ends that the Ingall bar would require, unfortunately. But the guy on the phone said he could supply a new, custom steel radius rod w/ swaged ends and nitrited, reverse (left) thread on one end, with 3/4-20 thread self-lubricating race-quality rod ends and solid bushings that would fit the stock brackets. All for not much more than the heavily discounted Ingalls bar cost.

So, of course, I bit. I gave 'em all the dimensions they needed, and $118 later (including shipping), they provided a very nice custom PH bar with super nice rod ends. They even made and shipped the bar the same day I called... how's that for service?!

For those who may want a reasonable cost, solidly located, bind-free custom PH bar the fits perfectly (whether using the stock mounting brackets or not) and works, I can heartily recommend Rod End Supply. Along with the Ingalls relocation bracket, and now I have a hybridd-custom PH bar that does what I'm looking for.

Oh, and how does it work? Had it out on the track three weekends ago at a NASA HPDE... lateral location is absolutely solid feeling. Rear end really feels planted.

Very, very nice.
Thanks for the info here!
Question: Since you went with a panhard bar relocation, why didn't you run a deeper bracket to lower roll center as well?
Despite achieving better rod geometry, your roll center remains at stock height for the rear axle. However, I still do side with you on the advantages of much more solid axle location and freedom of movement of the bar.
boro... Thanks! Y

Yeah, I've been considering the KB PH bar relo kit. However, with a ltd mod budget at this point, I decided to do spend said ltfd funds on a few other things (like getting as much track time as I can w/ enough funds reserved for replacement track tires and brake pads). May do that later, though... it does sound like a worthwhile mod.

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