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I hate to admit it but........

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My wife asked me the other day, if money was no object, what car would I buy next? I told her that I was so satisfied with the Boss that I haven't even thought about any other car.
I dunno, there is magic in the Porsche steering racks. Not the new ones, they are great but not for me. 930 Turbo is my ultimate track car, the little experience I have with them was amazing. The steering on the Boss is very slow and almost completely numb, though I am hoping fiddling with the alignment and tires will help. But I haven't had it on the track yet, so my whole perspective may change.

I do love this car, but it is not nearly as raw or tactile as I was hoping. But that can all be changed once I decide to shuck the warranty.
I'm not a value investor, I'm just cheap ;D

Like I said I love the car, it is a great street car and hopefully track car, I just would like it a little more raw since it is for me a weekend/track toy and that is kind of how it was billed from Ford. Red key hopefully will go a long way, just by removing the throttle hang emissions junk which is driving me nuts, and if I can coax a little more feel out of it through tires and alignment it will be perfect for its intended purpose. Maybe see about removing some of the sound deadening too :eek:

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