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I think I struck $7.36.qt.

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There's a lot of excellent quality motor oil out there (Amsoil, Castrol, Mobil, Royal Purple, Red Line etc., etc., etc.) and just as many opinions on which oil is best. I use Mobil 1 20W-50 in my Porsche race car and Castrol 0W-30 Euro Formula in my WRX daily driver. Oil analysis has come back with excellent results on both. Ford specs 5W-50 full synthetic for the Boss 302. So far, I've found Motorcraft and Castrol that offer an oil that meets the Ford "B" specification (any others you are aware of?). To minimize any questions on warranty coverage I've decided to go with Motorcraft 5W-50. I was not happy that dealer quoted me $9.49/qt for the stuff and I need 8.5 qts per change. I called another Ford dealer near my office to compare prices and he said he was out of stock on 5W-50 and referred me to J.K. Auto Parts in Vienna, VA. I checked with them and they had it in stock for $7.36/qt. Now that's more like it! Pretty much in the same ballpark as all other full syn oils. Add 4% sales tax to that but no shipping so that makes it the best price I've found yet for Motorcraft 5W-50. In any of you are in the DC area this looks like a good source. I think J.K has a few locations in the area.

I changed the factory fill on my Boss at 1800 miles (prior to first track event) and will send it out for a baseline analysis. I'll probably change it again after 4 track days and see how the analysis comes back after that.
So far Castrol is the only oil besides Motorcraft I found (so far) that meets the Ford "B" spec so it definitely meets warranty requirements.


You need to find a motorcraft dealer, ford dealers obtain that stuff without much room to play in markup.


2012 #552
somebody posted not too long ago how much they paid for 3yr maintenance plan on their Boss, can't recall what it was right now. But I wonder if that makes sense economically seeing how much these oil changes are going to cost?
Changed mine at 1960 mi. with Motorcraft 5W-50 @ $8.50 qt from the dealer and a K&N oil filter for $13. At this point I'm planning to run about 6K on an oil change so I'm planning the next one at 8K. Since I'm not tracking mine, I'm comfortable with this interval and would expect the viscosity to hold up well under these conditions.

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