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Ive got exhaust damage (pictures)

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Guys please give me your valued opinions on this

I got delivery of the car last week and it had a knocking sound from the passenger side as i went over bumps, it sounded to me like a loose exhaust hanger so i took it to a shop and they lifted the car and we walked underneath to see if we could see the problem.

As you can see in the pictures both exhausts have been damaged by what we think is a vehicle lift and the person setting the car on it not realizing it had side exhausts.

So if this is the reason ( any other idea's welcome) do you think the dealer in florida would have lifted the car during the pre delivery inspection and caused the damage as its the first Boss they have sold?


I cant take it back as i and the car are in England, ive e-mailed photos to the dealer, does anyone know if lifting the car is required for the pre delivery inspection? as If the dealer had no reason to lift it they will deny repsonsibility
Honestly don't worry about it. Have a local shop drill a hole, insert a screw, heat it up and pull it out if it bothers you. Your time is better spent behind the wheel.
Mine looks like they lifted it from the center of the seams without a pad, the paint is scraped off and there is a little deformity. It was like that the first time I crawled under so I am assuming the dealer did it during inspection.

If you shipped it to England, the shipper may have done it.
Someone should replace it...being picky will pay off ten years later, and it is not picky, what is right and wrong by other people, someone should have stepped up and took ownership of the damaged 2cents
All you know is that you didn't do it. Either the dealer did or the shipper did. I would tell the dealer you are not happy and if they don't help, call Ford Customer Care. That's some BS...I would not live with it.
At the very least, they should send you two new pipes (particularly if you are across the pond), and then you can either replace or save the new ones for later. Personally, I believe when you purchase a new car, you also purchase the right to be the first one to damage it. They need to make it right, and then if you take it off the curb and damage the pipes, you'll have a spare set ;). It's amazing how little the dealerships/service technicians know about this car.
to get the part number go to put in your vin number. go to exhaust section the you can click on almost any part. then view image and you'll see the whole exhaust along with part numbers. this will help you in getting the part number or even go about ordering it yourself.
I'm sure they'll send you some new ones. Wonder if they will cover the costs for getting them installed overseas. Try to milk it a bit.

Then again, you could just remove the side pipes completely and save some weight. Then just keep the new ones in the attic. I know some have done this. I might be doing this soon myself and see how it sounds.
I have the EXACT same sound coming from my driver's side - just started today (finally hit a bump after the plates were removed on Friday). Thanks for posting this, as now I'll know what to look for, even though it seems pretty hard to miss anyway.
Guys thanks for the input so far

I went back to the dealer about the damage, this is their reply, what do you guys think?

Hello Ian,

I spoke with our PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Manager and our service Manager and asked them if we lift any new vehicles for any reason. They both said no, then I asked them if any of the Boss Mustangs would be lifted for any reason and again they both said no. I will get with my GM this afternoon when he comes in to see what his thoughts are on this.

Kyle Cinami


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