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Jacking Question

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Hey guys,

I bought a set of Race Ramps and must say they are awesome. However, I have a problem. My jack raises the car 19" from the front, but I need another inch and a half to get the 12" RR crib underneath the tire. My jack is maxxed out and quite honestly, I dont feel comfortable lifting the car any higher. The droop is really killing me so I was wondering, how about I use a second jack so lift the arm while the primary jack has the car lifted. I know lifting the car from the arm is a big no-no, but how about just lifting a drooping arm/axle/tire/wheel/spring so I can get my 12" crib underneath the tire. I have thoguth about it several times but cant find any serious points of concern. What do you guys thing?
I use a 2x4 with my jack at the pinch weld so they won't bend. But you could use a block of wood just to get another inch or two of clearance.

I dont think you should worry about the wheel/suspension sagging. I know it looks bad, but no harm can be done in that short period of time.

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