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JLT Oil Separator - Driver's Side - Question

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I've had a JLT Oil Sep. on my passenger side for over a year, check/dump it a couple times a month. I've had the JLT Oil Sep. on the driver's side for about a month now - I've checked it twice and there is not even a hint of a trace of a molecule of oil in there - ever. Is this normal, or should I be concerned that a) something is wrong with the JLT, or b) something is wrong with my engine?

I have read the posts that the driver's side doesn't collect much, but wasn't expecting it to collect nothing at all.

Thanks in advance!
That's why I only put one on the passenger side. That's typical of what others have expressed regarding the driver side catch can dating back to the '07s since I bought my first one.
Tulsa, OK
I put one on the driver side of my GT a month or so ago. I haven't checked it yet and have only driven it a handful of times but I'll check it out later and get back with you.

I've heard some people do pick up some oil on the driver side but as cloud9 said the majority will flow on the passenger side.
Thanks for checking and thanks for posting up on this - feel better about it now :) Just shocked that it was dry as the Mojave in there. Expected at least a hint of oil. :) Appreciate it!
I live right down the street from JLT. When I purchased mine, I talked to him about the driver side seperator. He stated I didn't need a driver side. I asked him why they produced the driver side and he stated because people wanted them. So there you have it. Supply and demand.

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