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JLT Oil Separator


Papa Smurf
Similar experience - have driven about 200 miles with it installed and it's collected ~1/4" of oil. Maybe the super cold starts have something to do with it? I haven't been able to really get on the gas due to frigid temps turning my tires into smoke in gears 1, 2, 3


I am not sure if JLT has changed the fittings from plastic or not, but I would recommend checking it out. I used the pre-fitted passenger side kit from JLT for quite a while with no issue, but did zip tie the canister to the front of the cam cover for some extra support. I remember reading of some failures of the plastic fittings somewhere along the way. Just finished using the JLT canister with AN line, metal fittings, and a simple fabbed mount at the firewall. Taking it apart I was surprised when 1 of the JLT plastic fittings was turned less than a full turn into the canister. Why not the Moroso? Already had the JLT and I felt for my use the Moroso was a bit of overkill. Anyway, it does a good job of keeping oil out of the intake charge. Mine gathers about 1/4 canister every 1500 miles or so. Getting less as the engine gets older (19k total now).
I'll add to the list of "can't believe how much oil this captures". Well worth adding IMO. Your Intake will definitely be cleaner, and I suppose, that means better fuel burning (less oil in it)?

Grant 302 - You indicated you threw out the captured oil. Why? I would think it's still good.....

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
My thinking is that the captured oil has turned into vapor or mist in order to have been suspended in the crankcase air. That part would likely have less viscosity than the parts that did not vaporize. And that could be from fuel or water or other contamination.

Just my thoughts. I haven't tested the oil that gets collected.

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