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Lap Time Thread

Figured I'd add some data here. I've only done three track days, still in beginner group.

Car: 2008 Mustang GT
Tires: 275/35/19 RE71R
Track: Thunderhill West 2-Mile
Date: 10/18/2020
Time: 1:29.827
Source: Track Addict

Looking forward to going back to T-Hill in August, coming up soon! I now have an AIM MXS in the car and have made a number of other changes to the car. Can't wait to see what effect they have.
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I'm curious . . . what g-levels correspond to the inner rings on your g-g meter?

I've never been to RA. Were you trying to avoid the pavement seam going into the Kink?

About .7G per ring. That kink is scary. Try to get as close to the inside rumble strips and away from outside strips so the car stays settled.


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Alright let me try this...

Lime Rock Park
Track Addict
2013 V6 Mustang w/auto
3:55 Torsen, Boss 302 springs, strano bars @ full stiff, 275/40R18 Hankook RS4 on 18x10s


thanks again for the tips @steveespo

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Good laps Duane. Much better in Big Bend. I don't think you need to take that curb at the uphill entry but it seemed you didn't unsettle the car. Also a little early at the Right Hander onto No Name Straight. You drive that V6 with gusto man!

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