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Looking for work on a race team

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I know this may not be the place to post this but I thought it would get the most exposure here, if the mods decide to move it, I completely understand.
I put away my car aspirations to become a firefighter 32 years ago, after getting beat up on that job I retired in 2010. One of my duties (at St. Pete Fire) was to run the pit road fire suppression for St. Petersburg Fire Dept at the SPGP, I've been doing that since the 80s (back when it was an SCCA race).
In any case I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and Joe Aquilante hired me at Daytona to be their "tire specialist", I loved every bit of it and the 2 poles and the 1 win with the brand "X" car, I liked it even better with the Mustang. In any case Phoenix felt the need to downsize and I became a free agent. I worked briefly for Burton racing (BMW) when they had their first win at Road Atlanta, but...again they were forced to downsize and once again I'm a free agent.
So if anyone needs a crewperson out there, (particularly in Grand Am) please let me know, I'm sure Joe and Keith would both give me high marks, and would probably like me back if their situations changed...
much thanks.
[email protected]
You're fine here. Good luck and keep those tire tips coming.
I'd like to add that in my 20 plus years working in pro racing I have never seen anyone work harder than Rob. He knows his stuff regarding tires and he learns new stuff quickly. He's also easy to get along with.

Good luck Rob!
So so the record is correct... The only reason Phoenix doess not have Rob busy right now is the lack of funding for the grand am team...

Looks like we will be back for the Watkins Glen race, so keep those tire tools warm Rob!!!

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