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Lowering springs

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Ok this may sound crazy, but about the thing I'd really like to change on my boss is the height of the rear of the car. I did a search and read the posts and replys, and it seems the Steeda springs are the way to go? My thought (again may sound crazy) is getting the springs and just changing the rear springs. It would adjust the height by almost an inch and leave the factory front suppension factory. I know this will work as far as appearance is concerned, but do you think it will effect the handling in a major way. I really don't drive my car on the track, just the street and the drag strip occasionally. I appreciate any insight on this.
If all you want to is lower your car then I'd probably go with the Steeda sport springs front and rear. Ford Racing also makes lowering springs and I'd consider changing both front and rear that are sold as a matched set.

While the Steeds Boss specific springs look promising Ford Racing is working on a set of Boss specific springs that will lower the car a little and will be suitable for both street and track. Hopefully they will have something available soon and I'm waiting to see what they offer. Ford spent a lot of time dialing in the suspension on our cars and I'm confident Ford Racing will throughly test their springs to make sure the proper balance and performance is maintained and enhanced.
Thanks for the reply, I heard a rumor about the Ford racing boss springs, but didn't know that was really coming, any idea when their estimated to come out?
I'm confused, that splitter is $550 with the bracket, this looks to be the same one without the bracket for $735
cloud9 said:
BossJockey said:
I've been keeping an eye on this page, but nothing new for the Boss in the last 90 days.
This one must be new because I ordered it and my dealer told me it wasn't available until 2/28

Hey, it's 2/28 today! Where's my splitter ???

You can order it thru CJ Pony. They have had it in stock (supposedly) for a few weeks. It on sale too! Here is the link...
CaliMR said:
I'm confused, that splitter is $550 with the bracket, this looks to be the same one without the bracket for $735
The WC splitter is slightly smaller than the LS splitter. It's designed specifically to meet specs for the WC series. IMO the WC is the one to buy. Oh and it comes with the installation bracket.
Is it possible to use the Steeda Boss specific lowering springs together with MM C/C plates and the Enkei PF01 wheels?

PS. Just took the decision to invest in a 2012 YB Boss 302 ;D DS.

I should probably change "name" here to something more neutral as my previous Boss, #299, found a new owner last fall.

Currently stocking up on stuff to make the new one quicker on the tracks. Hence the question about combining the Steeda springs with Enkei and MM Camber plates.

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