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Maximum Motorsports Camber Plate Failure

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I installed the Maximum Motorsports camber plates and I have been happy with them. While installing the springs a few weeks ago one of the bolts that holds it in place up top snapped off. I take great care when working on my cars and in fact had a torque wrench on this when it happened. It snapped off long before I even got to proper torque.

I called MM and told them what happened. I was told they get this 2-3 times a week and I needed to send a copy of the receipt. After I did this I was told that the company would not warranty this, it was alluded to that this was my fault for over tightening it. However the guy I spoke with said he would go get the part himself, outside of what his Boss told him to do, and send it to me. I had to pay for the shipping.

I think it is pretty poor of them not to warranty this and I have to take the word of the person I spoke with that he did in fact do this outside of company policy. If they are seeing many of these break there appears to be a problem with the quality and placing blame on customers does not seem to be the best route to take IMHO.

Here is a picture of the stud that broke. I don't have the best camera but you can make out a flaw in the metal even to the point of it rusting in the middle and another flaw on the opposite side. Disregard the crushed threads on the side I put it in a vice to remove the nut even if it was not on there very tight.

Be careful if you ever need to remove these as the metal is not very strong.

That stinks. Thanks for the heads up.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
The only problem w/ the Vorshlag plates is the price, and that doesn't include another perch you have to buy from them if you want to use stock springs!

J&M made a great plate for the 05-10, but they don't have a product for the 11+. :-/
Steeda makes plates as well but I don't think you can get the same camber adjustment range.
ArizonaGT said:
That sucks! I have these on my car now but never had a problem; actually we have their plates on 3 of our cars!
I have them on two cars with a ton of track miles and I have several friends that have them too. I've never heard of this one, but anything can happen. I have two clutches already and a broken connector on my camshaft sensor. Parts fail, but I've not heard of this one being a consistent problem.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Also--Maximum should be able to send you new stud plates, you can install them from below without having to take the strut and spring apart. Should be a 2 minute fix.
I would not be happy either. Parts can fail, but the response fromm MM is interesting to say the least.

Looking at the picture, the material used to construct the stud appears to be contaminated (the small discolored area). The other spot is where the stud finally broke completely.

I am curious as to 1) where MM is sourcing the parts and 2) what grade material they are using.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not "2-3 times aweek".
I've used their CC plates on a few cars now, and have never had a problem. Hey, things can and do fail on track cars, that is understood. I sincerely doubt, however, that Scott would have posted this if not for MM's, uh...interesting...response. In fact, had they said right off "no prob - you'll have the part tomorrow", likely you'd be reading a post singing MM's praises.

Then again, Scott may have found a quality control issue - maybe there is an issue, who knows? Their response, however, failed to inspire confidence :eek:
Thanks guys, I do give credit when it is deserved - ProMotorStripes, LPIRacing, Ford Racing, just to name a few. 908ssp, you post is very vague and I can only assume you are referring to the original post in this thread? If so then please explain why you feel this way.

I think most of us expect to buy a product and not have it break the the first time you use it, in this case the stud broke off the first time I loosened and reinstalled it. If this was happening to our cars I sure there would be quite a few threads out there and Ford would not be selling many cars.

If you think I am being too hard on Maximum Motorsports I can tell you I offered to send them the part right off the bat when I was told I most likely over-tightened it. I was told they have one from someone local to them they are looking at and yes "we do need to find out what the problem is with these".

So please explain where you think I am wrong and if so I will gladly admit to it.
Yellow Boss, I sold snap-on tools for more then 20 yrs. take yor TQ wrench and have it checked just to take this out of the equation. Sorry about the break and looking at this bolt, you can clearly see something wrong.

Most snap-on trucks have a TQ tester on there trucks, and if you are using a wrench that the lower setting starts at 20lbs don't trust it, you need one that starts about 5 and then goes up from there.
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I have not heard of anyone using adjustable camber bolts to adjust the camber for the track. Is there something wrong with using the adjustable camber bolts? I bought camber plates for my Boss and camber bolts. I have not installed them yet but I was curious. Thanks
My friend uses the bolts on his V6 Mustang he races, he is also an engineer working with OEMs doing suspension testing. He suggested I try them before getting plates, but my research here and other places online seems to say that you can't get much out of them do to the springs used on the Boss being wide so the wheels hit. He claims he gets almost -3 on his, but people are not even getting that much with plates on the Boss.

Also +1 on the wrench testing, I have had a couple go really off over the years.
Flyboygsxr said:
I have not heard of anyone using adjustable camber bolts to adjust the camber for the track. Is there something wrong with using the adjustable camber bolts? I bought camber plates for my Boss and camber bolts. I have not installed them yet but I was curious. Thanks
The race teams are using them on the 302S. That was Mark Wilson's initial recommendation on the suspension package I purchased, but since I already had the MM c/c plates, I didn't need them. If you used both you could probably get -4+ degrees if you thought you needed that much.
For the record I am using plates and the bolt or stud that broke was one of the four that sticks through the shock tower.

KYBoss, I use the poor mans good tools, Craftsman. Since I was outside the US most of my tools are just over a year old but thanks for the advise. Having them check is something I had not thought about before. Even so this thing snapped off while I was just starting to turn it, if I had it set on 10 it would have broke. It is hard to believe but true.

The moral of the story here is what happened after, as many stated parts do fail and I understand that. However this is a problem they are aware of as far as I have been told. My reason for posting this was to let other know about the possible weakness in these and also to let people know what to expect from Maximum Motorsports as far as customer service goes.

I have no desire to bad mouth this company and if people read my first post I say up front I am happy with them except this one problem. When everyone was ordering the Ford Racing brake ducts and we found out the did not include the plastic openings in the lower facade, Ford Racing sent them right out to everyone who asked, would it have been this difficult for MM to do even if there was not a known problem? IDK?

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