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Merry Christmas

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I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! And enjoy your Bosses in 2014.
We had snow cover earlier this month but had a warming trend this weekend with temps topping out in the 60"s on Sunday. Rain today with temps still in the 50's washed away any remaining snow. Santa will have no choice but to use that 302 this year. Merry Christmas to everyone!
From Mike at EuroSunday:

10 Reasons Why a Cool Car is a Great Gift for the Whole Family
My kids are always asking to ride in a “cool” car instead of the daily drivers, so I thought I would pass on a few reasons why a cool car is a great gift (even if you give it to yourself….):

1 Keys are very easy for Santa to put in your stocking
2 You won’t mind your kids waking you up early to open presents
3 Nothing is quite like the smile on a child’s face when they ride in a car that looks, sounds, and feels like a car they have only seen in a video game
4 A cool car increases the odds that your family will still want to spend time with you as you get older
5 You won’t need any other gifts this year….
6 A cool car will keep you active both mentally and physically, especially when your kids keep finding the keys…..
7 You will have to go on more “date nights” since the new car needs to be driven…
8 You become a Hero when you tell your wife you will take the kids in the car with you early on EuroSunday mornings so she can sleep in...
9 A cool car helps you to remember what is really important in life…. A good radar detector and friends that are cops and judges……
10 You will get to spend quality time with your family teaching them how to drive a stick (assuming you don’t kill each other first). You did get a stick shift didn’t you?

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