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metallic rubbing noise from rear of car (and transmission grind...)

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well, had the rear seats down to transport my bike, and I can hear a distinct rubbing (metallic) loud sound coming from the trunk area. The faster I go, the louder it is. Can hear it with power on, or coasting. Anyone else have this loud rubbing noise? I have an early build; 0015. On another note, I also have the 5th and 6th gear grind when the transmission is cold. Does the TSB recommending changing the transmission oil actually work? Does anything work? I hate for them to tear the transmission apart. I only have 1500 miles on it!
The metallic rubbing is very likely your ring and pinion. A few of us have had this, myself included. The dealer should drain the diff and inspect the surface of the gears. Mine were pitted.
thanks for the information. What was the solution to fix it? (My shop foreman is a great guy, but he doesn't know much about this car) Did you have the 5th and 6th grind issue too? btw. the following video is exactly the sound my car makes.
That's my video you posted. I was told by the dealer that it was normal. You can't really hear it if the seats backs are up, the tires make more noise. It has been making that noise for over a year and it never really got any louder over time. Others have had a louder gear wine noise and have had there rear end replaced.
That's kinda funny as I was trying to figure out a way of contacting you through youtube (couldn't). My sound is pretty loud; I can't even hear my tires, only that metallic rubbing sound. Good to hear yours hasn't changed over the time you've owned the car. I've owned over 20 cars in my life and never heard anything like this from the back end. My car isn't that good on gas and was thinking it might have something to do with this "friction sound". what kind of mileage do you get?
I don't have any whine, and I get 10-12 mpg. Comparing mpg is tough since it depends how you drive the car. I get a max of around 25 on a long highway trip.
at 1600 miles on the odometer, I'm only getting 14.5 in mostly city, and driving very nicely. I was hoping the metallic sound in the back was some sort of friction, and if it was fixed, my mileage would go up. I also have the front suspension creak over speed bumps, so I guess the car won't be out of the shop for a while. dang.

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