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Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Good luck Smitty and we all be wanting U to definitely get us some killer video shots while at the Lexington track -- one of my favorites in all of this here United States !!!
Cool. Have fun and good luck!
New NT01s, new Toyo RA1s (for AI), Grand Am Conti scrubs (as many as I can get.) The Continentals give me about the same performance as the NT01s, but for a lot less.

All 275/18

Plus one set of Hossier R6. Wow those were fast!

BTW, your car looks great!
Well, it was a blast! But my car didn't make it unscathed. During the second qualifying race, I got loose in turn 8 and went into the tire wall. On the last lap!



Ford Racing (Mark Wilson) stopped by the tent with a cart full of goodies.




Thanks to Motorsport Development Group of Houston who worked until 1:00 am. And to Ford Racing, who supplied the parts, I was back out on track in the morning.



I can't believe the support I got from Ford Racing! I'm a Ford fan for life!



Too Hot for the Boss!
That's awesome! I know Mark has called me on a Sunday to discuss cooling issues. He's a great asset to Ford and our grassroots racing community!


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I saw a few pictures of your car in the paddock on MDG's facebook posts, sucks about the crash but glad you guys got her back up and running!

Going to share any videos with us wannabe racers? :)
Here is the qualifying race on Thursday.

My hands are driving me crazy! I don't notice that I'm doing that in the car.

ArizonaGT said:
Those are some good videos, minus the ending on the second one :(

How did you end up on Friday? Did the car still run ok and align properly?

That was the last run for the day on Friday. The next morning I went out in heavy rain just to run a few laps and make sure everything was good on the car. The car was straight and ran just as good as it did before. I was terrified to get back out there in the rain after going into the wall. I really didn’t want to race, but I couldn't let everyone down that got me back out there. I let everyone pass me on the start and drove like my Grandmother for the first 20 min. I finally got my nerve back and drove “ok” for the last half. I ended up 12th.

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