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Mohawk Track Experience at Gingerman

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Hey! I am in the Chicago suburbs and looking to attend my first track day. My uncle has a lake house ten minutes away from Gingerman so I am over there all the time in the summer. Looking at attending the novice day August 15th. Would this be a good first event? Anything required other than DOT4 brake fluid and a helmet?


breaker of wrenches
How many bedrooms did you say are at that Lake house ? :)

It does looks like a great experience to start you off. You could probably go with what they suggest for this one before you go down the rabbit hole! ( camber plates, wheels, tires, brakes etc etc etc. )
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Lenoir City TN
I attended this event last year and had a great time. I think the track would be good for a first time on track. It has very few places you can really get in trouble and plenty of run off room. I can't speak to the quality of instruction since I ran solo. The novice day is something new this year. You don't need to spend a lot of money on the car to get started. It just needs to be in good mechanical condition. Make sure your tires are in good shape and have sufficient tread, brake fluid is fresh, and brake pads have at least 1/2 their original thickness. Oh and rotors should be true and without cracks.
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Manhattan, KS
I've attended this event several times and have had a great time every time. I'm planning on heading there again this year. You really do get a lot of track time for the money. One thing I like is that it's more of a technical course than a high speed course. My '08 Bullitt had a top speed of 105 on the long stretch, whereas my Roush got up to 125. If I was more aggressive then the Roush definitely would have high a higher top speed. I end up doing most of the track in 3rd gear with both cars.

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