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New Boss (at least to me), New Owner need some advice!!!!

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Hi guys! Purchased a 2012 CO Boss with 2400 miles from OC Welch. Excited! ;D

I am having the car shipped up in the spring.

I am doing the FRPP T springs first. Also doing a Griggs adjustable panhard bar, MRT lower front splitter with bar supports or APR front splitter and RTR rear spoiler, harness bar for 4 point belts. Also doing the Kooks side exhaust.

That's my beginners list for mods.

My question is do I need relocation bracket for the LCA's and if so which should I use and which LCA should I use if I upgrade????

Also any recommendations? Will be using the car for HPDE events and cruise nights

Thanks for you replies in advance


New Boss 302 LS owner
Congrats on the Boss, I bought my LS from O.C. Others will answer on the relo brackets. I'm just putting in Billet aluminum LCA's from Blow By Racing. I have no need for the relo brackets as the LCA's run parallel with the ground on my car. Have fun. ;)
I would look into adjustable LCA's just so that if you do anything else in the future you have that adjustment available. I would also look at either Steeda or the BMR relo brackets should you end up needing them. I believe those are the only two that have several holes to allow more adjustment. Also if you are going with a harness bar I would recommend getting belts that will rip, like the Shroth's, in case of a collision so that you don't hurt yourself or the instructor.


Death smiles at everyone. Army Rangers smile back.
Geez, your right!!! I knew I forgot something.

Brake ducts!!!! Yes, that are now on the list. Any brand or just the FRPP?
I think most, including myself went with FRPP. They fit. Rick did a write up with pictures on the installation when he did his. It's on here under the how to's section. Well worth it.
Just have fun with the car and learn its limits. You would be suprised at what the car can do on a road course

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Advice eh? You came to the right place thats for sure. I have BMR relo brackets, RLCA, and adjustable panhard bar. Love it! You might hafta narrow your advice request down to a topic...

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