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New Boss LS owner

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I bought a 2013 black Laguna Seca, #460, from Bad Boss 302.
Great car! I have only driven it 2 times since I trailered it home from Dallas. The original wheels and tires came with the car - the tires on the Ford Racing wheels in the pic are more "street friendly". :D
Thanks again David for the easy transaction!

I currently own a 2005 Roush Mustang which is track prepped AND is FOR SALE!

Sold my Cobra R to buy the Boss LS.

Also own a 66 convertible Mustang, 289, auto, and currently (and slowly) restoring it.........

So far I have found very useful information on the forums here. Looking into the CoolTech roll bar and towhooks.
Congratulations and welcome to BMO. Those Cobra R's are Bad A$$.


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That's tough letting that R go for the LS. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have. But either way, you have a fantastic car.

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Just a quick note in regards to trading your Cobra R for the Laguna ------ neither has a rear seat, and the R is in even more limited numbers, but gotta believe having driven both that I would have made the same move. Great choice in my mind, but then I am on my second Boss ( SBY Laguna this time around ) and absolutely believe this is the best Mustang ever built.

Enjoy !!

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