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New C&L CAI and Interceptor Axle Back Exhaust

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Well, its unusually warm weekend for March here in Ann Arbor so I decided to get a CAI and Axle Back Exhaust installed before summer. MRT is local so I was able to hear their Interceptor system on another car first before purchasing. It sounds great and the tips look great as well - much better than the stock set up. I had them carbon fiber the C&L inlet tube and the oil catch can. Hopefully I can post these pics properly.
No Tune. They installed it with the "calibration insert" which can be taken out if I decide to let them tune it. I'm not sure who manufactures the catch can. They had it in stock (painted black with aluminum top) and I had them apply the CF. The can was 60.00 and they charged 40.00 to paint it.
Looks good. What's the story of how you got Dave to sign your strut brace?
It was a great experience! A good friend of mine works for a supplier of Ford and knows Dave. He told Dave about me ordering a Boss and Dave offered to meet me down at the Plant when it came off the line. He signed the car and then took me for a ride on the test track at Flat Rock in another Boss. Man - can he drive! My stomach was stuck in my throat after turn 2!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have seen the JLT catch cans for the passenger and drivers side for the 05-10 and they look great. but that looks much better and cheaper from the sounds of it

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