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New Custom CA License Plates Came In!

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8) The last time I checked RCWALP was still available.
Nice WFZ!!!!!!!

I just got mine in, too. I also added a pair of the GT-500 mufflers. A perfect combo, for me anyway. Just the right sound with the stock side baffle plates. The plate and the better exhaust tips make it look a lot better, too...


Take care,

Since I added my GT500 2012 mufflers, the sound has been great. But I'm still REALLY wanting to eventually go with the oem 2013 GT500 quad tip exhausts and rear lower panel, I just LOVE the way it looks. I haven't heard many yet though on the Boss

I really like the '13 quad tips, too. But for the cost involved, I decided to just stick with the ones I got. I felt the $300.00 for the GT 500's was even a bit high, when you actually think about it. But in the end, It was really worth it to me. I really hated the inner/outer tip on the stock muffler, and really, with all they id to the Boss from the factory, they should not have given it a standard GT muffler! They should have used the GT 500's from the start.

I was lucky and got mine as a low milage take off from a local shop for $120 for the pair, that's why I jumped on my 2012 GT500's instead of waiting. They're great axle backs.
How long did it take to get your plate in?

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