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New GT350 Engine?

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Could a slightly detuned version of this engine be the next GT350 engine? If it's good enough for a DP car...

I understand why Ford would do it. But after having driven a 2011 GT350 on the street and riding shotgun at Sonoma in another putting down 600+ to the rear wheels, I sure hope they stay with the V8. Just throw twin turbos on instead of the supercharger.

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I hope that's the engine. It would be the only way I would consider buying one.

Same news as the video:
I wonder what the weight diff between a coyote and the 3.5 eco is?
I've driven a few current cars with that 3.5 twinnie and it's a sweet motor. Can't disagree on the V8 love...the sounds my boss make are just right...but where the mustang really needs help is in the weight department.

I'm not betting one way or the other on *what* engine will be in the gt350...I am betting that it'll be f$&#ing awesome, though!


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Dressed Eco 3.5 is 449 lbs, this does not include the weight of the intercooler and intercooler coolant reservoir.
Boss engine is 444 lbs.
N/A V-8 is lighter and more powerful with less heat generated under hood. IMHO. You will be able to tune the turbo motor up but you risk reliability.


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I've heard HP is up, somewhere in the 450-460 range. The flat plain crank or 180° crank is very interesting. These cranks are known for better power output, but they are harder on the engine, and produce more vibrations. Instead of having a combustion in one cylinder and the engine turning another 90° before the next and then another 90° for the next and so on, the 180 or flat crank has it's combustion events ever 180°, so you would have two cylinder go off, then the crank spin 180° and another two cylinder com-bust. The power stroke is more violent, but also more powerful.
One more change this new engine will have is firing order, it will go back to the same firing order as the old flat head had. I guess that is the engine coming full circle??

There are a few other minor changes, but these are the most substantial. Ford has been working on a better block, one that will hold up to high performance better then the original or stock block. It seems as power output closes in on or around 1000HP, the block starts coming apart. Most feel after 850HP your on borrowed time, engine speed and intake pressure seem to effect that failure point a lot. I'm hoping Ford puts this new block in the new power plant, or at least in the new Boss? The Ford Cobra race car, already has a twin turbo V-8 option. The part about the Eco-Boost being fuel friendly is more myth then fact. Everyone I have talked to that had that engine option reports no better fuel mileage then that of which most V-8's are getting. Exception may be someone that drives 55MPH on a very long road trip. But in actual daily driving, it's just not a fuel saver. Fact is if you want to make power it takes fuel. 400HP in a V-6 takes as much fuel as 400HP in a V-8.

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