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*NEW* MGW shifter rear mount upgrade

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George has come up with a new rear mount for his MT-82 shifter. It has a rubber core, surrounded by a gold anodized billet bracket. It comes with 2 different rubber cores (hard & soft), and they can be swapped out for street and track use in about 10 minutes by removing a cover plate and pushing the core out. The bracket itself remains fastened to the car. The only tool necessary for the swap is an Allen wrench.

The purpose of this new mount is to reduce NVH for everyday use. The core provides better insulation from driveline noise and vibration, at the expense of a slight reduction in rigidity compared to the traditional rear mount. I chose to purchase this mount because I use my car as a daily driver, with track use confined to 6-10 days per year, and I wanted to keep the car's general NVH characteristics as close to stock as possible while still improving the shift action.

Having now put a couple of hundred miles on the car since the install, both city and highway, I can share some impressions. The shift action of the car is dramatically improved, as all MGW purchasers already know. Gear selection is positive, there is no doubt when you are in a particular gear (including 1st), the 2-3, 3-4, and 4-5 shifts are much faster and more direct. The 4-5 shift to me is particularly improved, as I had found that shift to be very vague and rubbery when I was on track. I had also had occasional problems on track with the 3-4 shift in the stock shifter, finding 4th hard to locate in some circumstances. It is hard to imagine that ever being a problem with the MGW unit. The reverse lockout does take a little more effort to overcome vs. the stock shifter, and a lazy 1-2 shift can result in not finding 2nd gear because of the stronger centering springs. Putting a little leftward pressure on the shift knob during the 1-2 shift eliminates the problem.

As to NVH with the shifter & the new rear mount, around town I find no discernible difference between the MGW package and the stock unit, either in noise level or felt vibration. At steady highway speeds of 80 MPH, I feel a slight vibration through the floorboard and pedals, but not through the steering wheel. The shift knob transmits a slight vibration to my hand if I rest it on the knob (which I generally do not do). The level of transmitted shift knob vibration feels about the same using the silver key as the stock shifter feels when using the TracKey. I cannot detect any noticeable increase in noise in the cockpit. All of my use to this point is with the softer of the two supplied rubber mount cores. As I have not driven a Boss equipped with the MGW shifter and original rear mount, I cannot make comparative assessments between the standard rear mount and the upgrade unit. I am, however, very pleased with the every day usability of this package.

George has indicated that he can make this rear mount available as a separately purchased item, and asks that any interested people give him a call.
Yeah photos of this would be nice. I wouldn't mind a bit less noise from the shifter.

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