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New Owner from Arkansas

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Hi...Picked up a 2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302, #2650, yesterday. Options include Car cover and mats, 1 of 20 optioned out that way. MSRP was $43470 and I got it for $40371 which I thought was a decent deal. This is my first Mustang but not my first muscle car. Have had several Corvettes over the years with the most recent being a 1999 Nassau Blue FRC, 1 of 202, that was just purchased by Mershon's Classic Cars of Springfield, Ohio and a 2008 Z06 that I traded a few months ago. The Boss 302 will not be tracked, just street driven. Ordered the trackey software and awaiting it's arrival and installation. Look forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge on the forum!

CrazyHorse1847 said:
Congrats! You will have to head over to Tulsa in June for the Mid America Ford Performance Meet.

Sounds like a great time! Will check the dates to see if I can make it.
congrats and welcome. best color in my view. Watch for the owners kits in the coming weeks ( or months), keep all docs and enjoy that track key. Not a lot of Grabber Blue BOSS cars with even fewer as low option. enjoy!
Congratulations and welcome to BMO.
Tulsa, OK
Welcome to BMO and congrats on your new Boss :) As others have said definitely plan on making it to Tulsa for the Mid America meet. It's always a good time.

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