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OEM FORD 2013 Nose / Hood Stripe Replacement?

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So I picked my boss up used, and it was in GREAT condition overall. However, whomever owned the car before had removed the front bumper nose stripes. Perhaps the bumper needed to be repainted ? (I don't think it ever was because there are no panel gaps, paint matches 100%, and the original small screw holes are still there from when the first dealership attached the license plate). I'm thinking that perhaps they got caught and peeled up due to something and they were simply removed.

HAHA, I even thought at first before I bought it that it was a GT done up to look like a BOSS but I called FORD and FORD racing to confirm with the vin before I even test drove the car....

So I'm looking for replacement front bumper or hood stripe kits. I have not been lucky in finding any aftermarket that match, and I know this material that is used is a FORD only / specific material. IS This something that I can purchase by a FORD dealership? I would assume so considering that they should be able to supply all OEM parts in case of an accident for body shops and the like.

Would anyone have part numbers or pricing, heck, even links to online OEM ford parts sites?

I searched on here and a few other forums but didn't get really anywhere other than to look at some aftermarket stuff.

Go to your Ford Dealer or email your request to Tousley Ford. You should be able to order just the nose portion of the stripes. I know that is how they are sold for the LS. Good Luck.

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