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Oil Life Monitor Question

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On average, how many miles have you guys traveled before the Oil Life Monitor gets to oh, 10-15% ?

My car is at 7500 miles and my Monitor says 46% left. I changed the filter and topped off the oil when it hit 50%.

My math is horrible but 46% at 7500 miles would come out to be about 12-13000 miles between oil changes.
That sounds about right, I'll change mine at least once a year. It's had 2 so far and I'm at 12.5k miles. The oil life percentage was at half life each time.


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There is a fuel flow/operating time/engine temperature algorithm that calculates oil life. The better your fuel mileage the longer the oil life is the idea as you are not stressing the engine when cruising with a fully warmed engine. Short duration cold start operation leads to more condensation, fuel dilution and wear particles that decrease oil life. The easier you drive the longer it will give you on the oil. Change the oil at least once a year regardless of mileage.

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