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Oil Sandwich Plate Adapters + Aftermark Coolers

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Theviking said:
It only has one 1/8npt port (that I could find) and Kendall suggested against adding a T to this location for both pressure and temp.

New oil filter location pretty much rules out any Jiffy Lube oil changes:) Not that I would ever bring my car there anyway.

Both the gold plug on the left side of the image and the little allen head plug connect/contact the oil stream, so I would assume they are both usable, no?

edit: after a little research, the allen screw is the 1/8 npt port, and an adaptor can be installed on the unused plug next to the 1/8npt port to utilize another 1/8 npt sensor:

Spiffy stuff

tlflow said:
anybody running that cooltech cooler?

I have the Cooltech unit installed but won't be back on the track until October so can't yet comment on its effectiveness. The kit components are top rate as you would expect considering the price and from a shop that typically markets to Ford GT owners. Instructions are pretty good overall although it did take me a few tries to determine the best hose routing. The cooler sits up high so obviously some sort of grill modification or aftermarket piece would help optimize the amount of airflow available to the unit. Space is pretty tight on the drivers side if you have the brake cooling ducts, so be prepared to do some additional trimming. Also, due to the remote filter mount location you need to remove the front undertray to change the filter. Not a big deal.

neema said:
Both the gold plug on the left side of the image and the little allen head plug connect/contact the oil stream, so I would assume they are both usable, no?

You're probably right although I never removed the larger gold plug to check. The smaller allen head plug is a 1/8 NPT so it's purpose was pretty obvious. The oil temp sensor fits nicely here.


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CoolTechLLC said:
If you are doing your own oil cooler kit, by all means you need to make sure that you keep the OEM oil cooler in place and run the additional cooler in series. This is what both the Ford Racing kit does as well as our Cool Tech kit. Both of us had tested and shared the data for a "replacement-only" oil to air cooler and they were near as effective as running the two coolers in series. The other thing I would advise to be careful of is in the selection of the heat exchanger itself. Make sure to look at the specifications and, in particular the pressure drop across the heat exchanger. The more resistance, the more work you are placing on the oil pump. You will need to have some concern for longevity of the oil pump - i.e., not something you want to have fail. Finally, think about thermostatic control. Our testing revealed surprisingly long oil temp warm-up times with just the OEM cooler in place.... and we were testing in mild Southern California conditions. I've got to assume that Ford know what they're doing but I certainly wouldn't advocate adding to this already long warm-up time by adding a cooler in series.


What is required to add oil pressure and oil temp senders to your cooler system with the thermostat?

PS. My wife is beginning to recognize your company on my MasterCard bill. Not sure this is a good thing. LOL.

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