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ordering boss monday

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Had to call salesman again. Been waiting to order since last year. Finally he said to come in Monday. Said he will have all his "ducks" in order when I arrive.
Any questions anyone can think of I should ask?
Oh yeah.

Ask him :
how come he made you wait till now to let you order? Did he get a lottery?
What quarter his allocations are for?
Any dealer can put the order in, but only the ones with allocations will actually get 1. Allocations were given out by the previous years mustang sales and lottery.
If it sounds fishy check other dealers. Wish I had known that back in December when I ordered mine.
this is lagit
I've been calling this dealership alot.
They were allocated just 1.
They're honest.
Do I get a vin number? So I can trace production?
I guess next quarter the car will be made, is that right
Welcome to BMO. What color are you going to order? Make sure you order the recaro/torsen option.

1. Get it in writing and make sure you know the GM or owner has approved the deal. (ask me how I know this)
2. Have them confirm what quarter the build allocation is. Have them send an email to their Ford rep to confirm.
3. Make sure they don't mount the front license plate bracket. ;)

Good luck.
rmmantel said:
Do I get a vin number? So I can trace production?
I guess next quarter the car will be made, is that right

You won't get a VIN until the car has been pulled for production(I think this is when that's assigned...someone correct me if I'm wrong). But basically once it gets closer to your car actually being built is when you'll be able to track it.

In regards to the quarter, it really depends. You need to find out from the dealer what quarter the car is actually scheduled for. If they give you some run around about not knowing, that could be problematic in itself because they may not actually have the allocation for it. So be sure they can give you a firm answer of what quarter. If it is a 2nd quarter allocation, there's not much you can do with it right now other than just getting your order put in and then waiting. No one that I know of has a 2nd quarter car scheduled to be built yet, so you just have to give it time.

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