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Painted wheel = warranty void

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I don't really know the brand, but they were on a Mustang. I seem to recall a discussion here about whether powder coating wheels will affect their strength, which seems to be what Cor is claiming (at least I'm assuming powder coat, it just says paint).
Big difference between powder coating and painting painting would only effect the outside finish where powder coating it goes through an oven. I doubt either would hurt anything but for a dealer I could see denying the powder coated wheels their warranty cause they go through the oven.
Powder coting will affect the materials previous treatment
Its not something u want to do to a forged wheel

Lots of wheels have gone through that process
And have failed during use

Sorry to hear that his wheel broke but it
Seems to me that that set of wheels on that car
Where powder coated and not painted

I would deny any warranty also. Based on that


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I'm not debating that the heat treatment from powder coating may have jeopardized the tensile strength of those wheels. That said, a powder coating oven run at up to about 450 degrees I believe. I would be hard pressed to think that on a very hot day, on a hot track that is very hard on brakes, that the wheels would not approach those same temps. So, if a 450 degree oven could cause a wheel to fail, then it seems to make sense not use them even if they just came out of the box.

I never shot my pyro at the front wheels after a hot track day, will need to try that next August ;D
i would like to see what you get with your meter.
i do know nascar teams are coating the wheels they use (steel) with a coating from polydyn.
just the inside of the rim. keeps heat from altering the air preasure inside the rim/tire.

it works too.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Interesting, it must reflect the heat.

On the Boss u don't suspect very high temps, especially up front if you have cooling ducts. My front calipers run cooler than my rears.

On my last car, the front brakes were not ventilated and it was a turbo - lots of heat. My front wheels did show over 300 digress in the hot pits but I don't recall exactly how hot. That car had a huge tendency to lose wheel weights due to the heat.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
gremlinsteve said:
Thenthats not right
That company should be found liable

Even if they don't cover the wheels, this press has likely done irreparable harm to their reputation (although I had never heard of them prior to this article). So they will be "paying" one way, or another. Such a stupid business decision.
A number of years ago very bad things happened from powder coating. At that time alluminium scuba tanks had been uprated to around 3000 psi. The factory paint on these tanks sucked an once chipped they flaked off in big blisters. I was diving alot an my new expensive tanks had done the same. A number of well healed divers had banded together and powder coated thieir tanks as a package deal ( very expensive at the time). At two different dive shops upon refilling the tanks blew up. One was killed an one lost both legs at different shops. Moral is the temperatue of some powder coat is right at the temperature of alliminum tempering bad juju. No this is not a legend it happened.
ArizonaGT said:
gremlinsteve said:
Thenthats not right
That company should be found liable

Even if they don't cover the wheels, this press has likely done irreparable harm to their reputation (although I had never heard of them prior to this article). So they will be "paying" one way, or another. Such a stupid business decision.

I looked them up online, and most of their wheels are hideous. I do find it funny they call some of them Competition Series yet say they are not for track use.
Statement From COR Wheels
October 24, 2012 by COR Staff
Due to some unfortunate circumstances regarding a set of COR forged wheels, we feel that it is necessary to publicly address the situation and reiterate our company’s commitment to quality and customer service that has helped us build a strong reputation within the industry.

We are sure that many of you feel this response is long overdue, but given the sensitive nature and legalities involved, we had no alternative but to proceed with care, so as not to inflame an already volatile situation. Until this time, we have had nothing but excellent feedback and reviews from our clients concerning our products and service. In relation to the number of wheels that we have produced, our warranty adjustments have been less than one tenth of one-percent, which is a superb standard for any manufactured product. This is due in no small part to our commitment to building long lasting relationships with our distributors and returning customer base whose support is well recognized and very much appreciated.

The isolated incident that occurred with one of our clients was very unfortunate and unforeseeable, and we are thankful that there were no injuries. The product involved was designed, developed and third-party tested to ensure its integrity, strength, and reliability. The safety of our customers is extremely important to us, and is not a matter taken lightly by any member of our organization.

It is customary–and our preference–to service our customers directly. The client elected to bypass our resolution process by communicating with us through third parties (specifically an attorney). We sincerely hope that those following this series of events can appreciate that we had no other option than to turn this matter over to our product liability carrier, which exists specifically to address situations such as this. To be clear, the claim for warranty denied on the published letter was a response to the client’s attorney’s demand letter, and not COR Wheels refusing to stand behind its product. Prior to the involvement of legal counsel, the client was offered a full refund, regardless of any specific warranty considerations. We would like to clarify that the revisions made to our warranty were a direct result of the client’s attorney’s assertion that our terminology was vague. This does not speak of the safety and appropriateness of the product, which we feel is 100-percent safe for use on or off the track, but rather to the applicability of our warranty. With this revision, our warranty policy is more in-line with industry norms, which even at the OEM level precludes the use in a track environment.

As a final thought, we at COR wheels want to reiterate our commitment to the performance aftermarket and help further everyone’s understanding of the process and technology behind automotive wheels. We have a standing invitation for any interested party or any member of the media to visit our headquarters in Florida, tour our facilities, and meet the individuals responsible for designing, creating, and manufacturing the products that we are so very proud to offer. We sincerely hope that you will avail yourselves of this offer so that you may observe first-hand, our manufacturing and quality control process and the effort that goes into each and every product that leaves our facility.


Christopher Robles & Robert Herrera
Founders & Owners
COR International, LLC
2799 NW 82nd Avenue

Miami, Florida 33122
Phone: 305.477.5850
Fax: 786.427.1324
The barrels are from china and korea
No one knows at this time where the centers
Are from
There made at the florida facility
Cor also makes wheels for two other companies

The owner of cor road races his porsche and has pics on
His facebook site showing this

Doesnt look good for some one

That above statement was found on cores
Own web blog

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