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Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans TV Series

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Is anyone else watching this? The first episode was very good. I watch this with interest because I had Joe Foster as an instructor at BTA and we talked about the business of racing and his partnership with Dempsey. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
I watched the first of the four episodes and found it interesting.

However, Dempsey has a big leg up on most of the other driver's when it comes to securing "other" peoples money......STAR POWER! I had to laugh at the power problem they had just before the one race, I had the same thing happen to our car when we let one of the kids sit in it before our feature race!

Looking forward to catching the next 3 remaining episodes.
Watched the first episode. Loved the history stuff, but too much McDreamy (I know, his name is in the title). I had never heard James Garner's comment on why he loves racing--its not about driving 180 mph. Its about trying to take a 30mph corner at 29.9.


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I have it in my que to watch. they beat me down on velocity with the constant commercials for it. Had he not been an actor like he is and having the money he has I doubt he would be a race car driver.
Just remember that star power brings a lot more exposure to a sport that most times is practically invisible.
watched the first episode, even got the wife to watch as mcdreamy was in it. lol

then i was watching some of the baltimore race over the weekend and she said is dempsey in it and of course he was

looking forward to other 3 episodes


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Good show, but he does act a little bit of a brat. When he drove the car into the tires at Laguna no one said anything to him, when Joe Foster ran up on someone under caution who was doing 20 mph and banged up he nose he was sulking with his helmet on instead of helping the crew fix the car. Also his appearance at Trina Solar was a joke, without a script he really doesn't have much personality. I still wish him well cause he brings good publicity to sports car racing and he is very serious about racing, not a pretender.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Lol I still see him as the dorky kid in money can't buy me love from the 80's. he blew the race buy pit lane speed violations twice lol found that funny.
Justin said:
Lol I still see him as the dorky kid in money can't buy me love from the 80's. he blew the race buy pit lane speed violations twice lol found that funny.

Haha, I saw that episode too. I think they still won that race though.

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