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Paul Brown

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I thought I would share this news with members of BMO. For many of you, you know who Paul Brown is. For those who do not, Paul is the 2011 World Challenge GTS Class Champion in a Boss 302. Paul's father is the well known Kenny Brown.

This is the information which was passed onto me via the car club I belong to and one Paul use to belong to years ago:

"Paul Brown, a past member, and active member of the Tiger Racing Team is now in Hospice care in California. In April, Paul was diagnosed with Melanoma and it has progressed to final stages very rapidly.

Please keep Paul, his wife and the rest of his family in your thoughts and prayers. Paul has asked for privacy as he endures the challenges he's facing."

For those of you on Facebook, Tiger Racing does have a Facebook Page.
That's terrible news. I saw him at the WC race in Sonoma in August and he looked very frail. I hope he's resting comfortably.
I never had the privilege of meeting Paul in person but had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone a few times. He is from the Midwest a culled hours from where I live so it was fun to talk about the local track and how much time he spent there before he moved to California. My prayers go out to Paul and his family at this very difficult time.
I don't know who he is but I do feel for him and his family. It's a reality check that will rock your world and everyone in it.


Phoenix, Az
I saw him a month after the Sonoma race to pick up a hood and I felt awful that he came all the way from home where he ha been resting to his shop to hand me a hood. I saw him in Sonoma and he looked rough then but had a very positive demeanor. When I saw him in Covina he looked worse, had I known he had not improved I'd never have bothered him. Still a cheerful demeanor despite his terrible state.

He and his family and team are in my thoughts. He is definitely an example of someone who never gave up or could show that he was beaten in the least. I know it's not looking great for him but I hope for the best in whatever that means. I feel honored to meet someone as driven as him.
5 DOT 0 said:
One of my favorite photos of Paul from his 2011 WC GTS Championship winning season.


Rick, this is probably one of my favorites as well. I started watching WC last year as a result of his performance. My prayers go out to him and his family. Very sad news...

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Been good friends with Paul for over 30 years and he is the true grassroots racer who had the talent , but not always the funds to compete at a National Level. Never forgot his friends from autocrossing to track days, and I never saw him happier than after he won his well deserved Championship in World Challenge. At Barrett-Jackson , this year , he was like a kid in a candy store showing off his car and getting accolades from his legion of buddies. Spent a short time with him and he could not get the cheshire grin off his face. I thank God that he was able to stand at the top of the podium after a long campaign that was a struggle in itself.

Paul is an open guy and we must all respect his and his family's wishes to let him spend this time in private. This is not Paul's demeanor , so it serves his friends with the severity of his illness, and we can unite in prayer and give him and his family the support he has given so many of us over the years.

God Bless you Paul !!!
I am honored to have personally spoken to Paul and receive his autograph for my car. I will have his family in my thoughts and prayers as they remember Paul. The racing family, friends and more have lost a wonderful man! Rest in peace!

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