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PBOC at Barber Motorsports Park

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The Porsche and BMW Owners Club of North Florida held a track day at Barber on November 17-18. 3-1/2 hours of track time if you attended both days. Barber is a first class facility, with a technical course (IMO). Here are a couple of pictures of some of the cars:
Here's a video of a couple of laps:
Looking good. Was the FGT out on track? You can post larger photos if you want. ;)
Looking good. Was the FGT out on track? You can post larger photos if you want. ;)

I only remember the GT being on the track for lunchtime parade laps :(

I would like to share larger pictures, but Picasa/Google+ is re-sizing all my pictures to little ones. In the pre-Google+ days, I could get picture info and size choices in Picasa (as I was taught on a forum post here), but I can't seem to find a way to do this with the new Google+ world order. Any ideas?

OK, I found my files in Picasa, separate from Google+, and I understand that uploads to Google+ photos are auto-resized. Now I have to go back and re-upload some of my pictures to Picasa Web Albums, where they will not be auto-resized.
Those are Thunder Roadsters. Here's a link:

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Appreciate the Video, as this is one of the tracks on my bucket list. Everyone I know agrees with you about it being technical, but they all love the track and the facility.


I was at Barber in spring of 2010, doing a flyby for the opening of a race, so no driving on track.
Great looking track. Too bad its a multi-day drive from SD. Would be nice to drive a track with more than 2 feet of elevation change. ;D
Of course, they gave us pit passes.

This was the Saturday race.
Hey, keep your eyes on the car. ;)

Here's the Sunday race:

Was a great weekend watching the races.
Looks like the Alabama Porsche owners club will be back at Barber in March 2-3, June 15-16 and at the end of the next year Dec 14-15

Do any of you know someone in the club to see if we can crash it?

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