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PFC Brake Pad Question

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EDIT - Darn it. Meant to put this in the S550 forum. Sorry about that.

Hello everyone - first post….

I have a 21 Mach 1 that I am going to prepare for track duties…. One of the things I was able to find to upgrade was a pair of PFC 2 pc front rotors. These were old stock from the Roush P51 cars… and they came with a set of PFC pads. In looking at the PFC website the listing for those cars says the only available pads for the P51s are “Disc Brake Pad – Max Performance Carbon Metallic Brake Pad – Front” but does not give give any other specifications. My thoughts are they probably will make good street pads…. Can anyone here tell from the photo Ive attached the specs on them?

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I don't know about those specific pads, but back in the day when I was doing WTW racing, after much experimenting with other pads I ran nothing but Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads. They were excellent in all respects, great stopping power, easy to modulate, not terribly hard on rotors and they wore very well. If it says Carbon Metallic then I think they're race pads. But perhaps call the company and find out? They may have changed their branding over the years.
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I looked at the Roush website and then the PFC website for information about Roush P51 2017 brakes. The pads fit Mustang GT factory Brembo calipers and the PFC part number 1792.10 ends in ".10" which is referenced on this chart from the PFC website:


So, it looks like you have a Z-rated compound pad. In terms of track pad performance, here's the chart showing the application:


The short red line at the bottom of the chart is the Z-rated pad. Relatively low mu, not built to run over 550 degrees C.
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Alum Bank, PA
Thanks everyone. My suspicion was that these are decent street pads…. It looks like that is proving to be the case. Appreciate the help. :)

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