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pics ... just because

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BossTXB said:
Nice job. Love the color. I have a CO with black stripes. From looking at the registry, I think there are fewer CO's with white stripes.

Does it look CO ?? Its RR, but alot of people think it's the CO...


Nice looking Boss!

My RR looks orange in most photos.
But get the RR and CO side by side, and the colors are easy to tell apart
It's hard to photograph the Orange and Reds sometimes ---- especially with the lighting. Sometimes people think mine is RR but it's CO. That is kinda funny. I just made the same error. In any event, it looks fantastic.
Very nice. Check out this new thread and post your photos.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Zaino isn't for everyone, lots of other great products out there, as we can see with your Boss. Very nice! Get some pics mid day in direct sunlight, instead of the shadows, that should bring out your true colors.

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