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Playing With The New Traqmate At PBIR Today

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Did not have any fast laps today even if the crowd was small and I had many clean runs. Guess it happens, take a few steps forward and a step back ever now and then. The track was wet in some of the corners and that did not help but today was my first time on track without AdvanceTrac. Whole new ballgame, it is amazing how well that system works. I found out very fast, in fact the very second lap on the videos shows it best. I have no idea how I did not lose it and spin ??? one wheel even went off in the wet grass. I had to laugh at this the first time I watched it after getting home.

Trying to stay in tight on the corner exit to pass a slower car.

another not so fast session :(
Great job keeping it under control. Did you have to check your shorts when you got back to the paddock? ;)

Thanks, it really did not scare me, just another embarrassing move out there for all to see. I was honestly laughing at the vid when I saw it ;D just wish I had the helmet cam on cause that would have been interesting to see what I was doing :eek: There was some luck involved there because the first correction started to turn the car before the right front went off in the grass and the grass was very wet.
Jose (bigman18) made it out yesterday with the FR500, we never did get to run together, too bad as that would have been fun.

Time to talk to Sam about a front sway bar :eek:
Looking good. Maybe you need some springs too. M-5300-P. ;)
Don't beat yourself up about it, it happens to everyone. Happens to me a lot :-[ I did notice that the Boss is way easier to recover than my E30, maybe due to the street tires. As long as you come back in one piece, it is a good day.
OLOABoss said:

Running without the nannies will make you a better driver, faster, and a whole lot more fun.


I agree 100% but I have been too chicken to try it out until now. For some reason I am still heating the brakes up, I see calipers in the 420-430 range in the paddock. I have "hard brakes" shields installed and will not run less then half a pad but still quite high temps.

Speaking of temps I was seeing the engine at 130 or a little higher at points. Outside temps were 90 plus. I do have the 302S radiator in and saw a little increase in temps today from the last few times out. The last few runs I was staying in the 220's but the outside temp was cooler. I have the temp set on box one in the ultragauge so maybe I was looking at it more.

Cali, I agree with that also, in the vids I was running slicks. No warning until you are over the edge.

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