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Want to get this installed before my next event at road America. My question is I am running endless 650 fluid. Will that work with this kit?

I did not know the clutch and brake fluid are shared.

Thank you!

Presumably it'll work fine. Two things, though. First, you don't need 650 brake fluid for the clutch - nothing in the clutch circuit runs remotely as hot as the brake system. You could run a value-priced DOT4 fluid in the clutch circuit and it'll be fine. Second, I had some aftermarket brake parts on one of my Fords and they started to leak brake fluid after Castrol reformulated SRF (they added "React" to the name and changed the formula). Turns out not all rubber products are compatible with all brake fluids. Watch for leaks after the install - probably not an issue, but it's worth being careful.
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Before you install it, take a good look at the o-ring that seals the plastic reservoir to the aluminum body. There’s a grove machined into the aluminum for the o-ring to sit in. On mine, the grove wasn’t wide enough for the o-ring to fully seat, so when they installed the plastic reservoir, the sharp edge of the plastic damaged the o-ring and it would slowly leak fluid. Easy enough fix with a Dremel to widen that channel just enough for the o-ring to properly seat. Since it’s a machined part, I would suspect that the problem is common to all of them and wasn’t just a random flaw. Way easier to deal with now before you install than chasing a leak later.

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