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PreMade BOSS Posters are ready for Orders

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OK, I have the "Premade" Posters up for sale:

THESE ARE NOT PRINTS, these are Digital files (.jpg) that will be sent to you, you can then place on a USB drive and take to a printer (Kinkos, Staples, Sams Club, Local Print Shop, etc).

They are formatted to be printed in 18X24 posters without any adjustments.

You will also get a "Smaller Desktop Version" for your usage on your computer.

Prices for Single Car Posters (2012 and 2013) $10.00
Prices for Group Car Posters (2012 and 2013) $20.00

Please allow 8-24 hours to receive the link to download the printable file (though I am usually quicker than that.)

Enjoy! I will be designing more in the future...
I don't get the Henry Ford quote, I've studied him quite a bit and have never come across that one. Is that your artistic license at play?
Yes, that is artistic only, he never said that. But figured he might if he was still here today and saw what the pony wars were all about when they re-released the BOSS.
I know several of you said you were interested in these posters, but so far no order yet.

Is there something I need to address on these?

Just curious...
Sorry I missed this. I just ordered the group shot.
rpm3dinc said:
Unfortunately I don't have anything specific for the Laguna Seca's... at this time...

I vote that you box the 2012 and 2013 Boss Group photos with the Lagunas. Badass posters man!

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