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Question about DR Color Chip

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Anyone have any thoughts on the product? Ever use it? Does it work as advertised? I picked up the inevitable tiny stone chip at the bottom of my front fascia, right near the splitter. Its the size of a spec and im not really too worried since that area is all plastic anyway. Its not noticeable at all, but it got me thinking...I'll probably get a couple more driving it this summer. Was going to pick up a bottle of factory touch up but then thought about the ads for DR Color Chip. So just looking for input.

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
I also found it to be OK on chips but not on scratches or large chips. I had better results with a touch-up paint given to me when I bought my tonneau cover for my Ram

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
Well I used this on my wifes car and she has a couple of door dings that it didn't cover very well about the size of nickel. She had a lot of small rock chips on her hood about BB sized and they look ok. I think the depth of the chip matters too, the deeper they are the worse it looks.
Large chips like the ones in Justin's car are supposed to look much better with this kit.

Uses the OEM touch up paint blobbed on, then you use their solution and it smooths it out. Apparently the Dr. Colorchip is good for very small white nicks though.
Used Dr. Color Chip on my SBY Boss last week... got a damn chip on the hood, about 1" back from where I have clear guard over the first 6" or so of the hood leading edge (arrgh!).

It is fairly easy to use, following the simple three step directions. But, I still haven't gotten the chip completely level with the paint... need to go back out when it warms up again an apply/blend in a few more blobs... and the SBY color when it dries appears a few shades darker than the factory paint.

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