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QUESTIONS on Pricing. I am Buying a '13 BOSS Laguna Seca

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I am a newbie to this site. I have been doing a lot of reading on this subject and ask member input.

I have a friend that owns a small town local Ford Dealership, dropped by recently to see him and talk about BOSS'.
Turns out he had just been notified that he got an allocation for a Q3 delivery BOSS Laguna Seca. Seems they have a lottery for small dealers that do not sell enough cars to get one allocation, he was the lucky dealer in his region. We talked car and price. His position is that he wanted to sell it locally to someone that would use it as as intended, he was a racer, I am too, so he put my name on the order.

He did not know what the 'market' was for the BOSS. MSRP or ADM. He certainly knows about ADM, his position was that he wanted to price it fairly and keep a happy local customer. We both agreed to look at our sources and to talk again and write an order. My checking (in the forums) seems to indicate a lot of MSRP sales, some claiming a discount under MSRP and of course a lot of comments about BOSS at MSRP plus ADM. OK guys, give me some help here, what did you pay for yours and what could you expect to pay for a Q3 delivered car like mine? I am OK with MSRP, would love to get a discount too, so let's see.

I also have two questions:

1. What is this skip shift, do not understand how that can work on a manual transmission.

2. Dealer & I thought Trac Key came with the car, my search indicates otherwise. Help on that too.

I have been a 4 cylinder, handling, light weight car fan for 40 years, current cars a Lotus Caterham 7, Lotus Elise, Spec Miata race car, OSCA MT4 and Morgan 4/4. Two years ago I wanted a 'thumper' so I bought a restored to original 1966 Chevelle 396 SS a real one. I love to look at it but hate driving it. Selling it $39,500 in case some one interested. I figure the BOSS will be my thumper and sports car combined.

Thanks for all your help, I look forward to participating in this forum and reporting on track day experiences.



Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Hi John,

Welcome to BMO.

MSRP for a new LS is great, fate has smiled upon you, this is a great opportunity to get something quite special. By getting an LS, you have a chance to get get a black one, which is an LS only color this year. The '12s offered Black & Silver as LS only with red striping, this year it's black and school bus yellow, with grey reflective stripes. From the pix you find online you can see the difference in the stripes for 2013, as the 'regular' models have reflective black, not grey, and the hood is a single stripe, not the style that connects to the 'hockey sticks' on the sides.

The skip shift does in fact work for a standard where under certain conditions will drop your shift from 1st down into 4th instead of 2nd. Very annoying, and easily defeated by simply disconnecting the electrical connection on the top of the transmission. There have been a a lot of threads on this, and you can find what you need with a little searching.

Trackey can be 'thrown in' by the dealer to sweeten a deal, but it is NOT a standard 'comes-with-the-Boss' option. It's an aftermarket Ford Racing feature exlusive to the Boss. Suggested retail is 302$ (get it? heh) but that price is negotiable... Dealers need specific equipment and knowledge to perform the flash to the car's ECU to activate the tune to your key. Again, there have been a lot of threads on that here, in the technical section, as well as other forums such as AFM & TMS (allfordmustants & themustangsource).

Don't sit on the fence on this, you are a very lucky man, the Boss will not disappoint!
Skip shift basically just blocks 2nr/3rd under certain circumstances when you are barely giving it any throttle. You can remove it by unplugging a connector on the tranny. There is a thread with a diagram. I wouldn't worry about it as a consideration in buying the car, as it is so easy to remove. 12s the TK removed it, but the 13s it doesn't.

TK as said above is $302 plus install, or you can buy the package online (it is just a couple pieces of paper with a code on it) and have it installed by any dealer that knows how. Some dealers are having issues the first time. Mine charged me an hour of labor, but I had it done at a local dealer instead of where I bought it (2 hour drive each way).

My dealer thought the red key that came with the car was a pre-programed track key until I explained it to them, my friend bought a Boss and the dealer told him the same thing and he was pissed when he showed me the car and I explained it to him. A lot of local dealers don't know how it works, even ones that sold a couple.

I know some local 12 LSes went for 20k over MSRP (I know a couple guys who work at local dealers), but the dealer I bought my regular Boss from said they would do 5k over if I wanted their 13 LS allotment instead. I think that dealer there would have been wiggle room in the price, but I didn't pursue it as I wanted a white 12. Any other info I have is just second hand and for the 12s.

Dark Horse

2012 BOSS 302 LS 541
Hi John,

I purchased my Laguna Seca mid 2012 model year so most dealers were trying to get ridiculous ADMs. I was able to get my local dealer down on his ADM because I was shopping all over the mid-west and had a good selection of LS for the same ADM. I ended up $9,000.00 over sticker but at the time I was unsure of the availability how fast the LS would sell. In hind sight I could have waited towards the end of the model year and picked it up for MSRP. No regrets though.

On the 2012 model the TracKey came standard with the Laguna Seca's at delivery but the programming had to be ordered after the owner took delivery. It was up to the dealer on whether he would honor that option or charge the customer the $302 to install it. I was fortunate enough to have the dealer honor the option and not charge.

Ace72ace pretty much covers the skip shift other than using the TracKey also disables it for 2012 model year. If most of the owners who have enabled the TracKey are like me, you're not sure where the grey key is anymore. :D

Hope this helps
I do not know of many if any that are getting 2013's under MSRP yet. Towards the end of the year with left overs, sure.
Thanks all for the responses to my question on skip shift and Trak key. I hate the concept of skip shift and will certainly disconnect the connector.

I still do appreciate your comments on the amount you paid for your BOSS or LS, under MSRP, MSRP or over.

I know no one wants to admit to having to pay over MSRP, heck if you want it bad enough, well go for it.

i will admit to paying $1,400 over MSRP in Aug. 1989 for a 1990 Mazda Miata (I still have it). Heck others were paying $5,000, over I thought I got a deal. After 23 years did it matter?

Dark Horse said:
Ace72ace pretty much covers the skip shift other than using the TracKey also disables it for 2012 model year. If most of the owners who have enabled the TracKey are like me, you're not sure where the grey key is anymore. :D

Hope this helps

I know where the grey key is. I used it to turn off the belt chimes ;D
First, you are doing the right steps to purchasing this Boss, do your home work, wish that I had, paid 5 over, at the time I had read that Ford would make 250 LS models, great car, black is great but it has been 30 years since I had owned one, forgot what a pain it is to keep clean, at the same time she turns heads where ever I take her, good luck on your quest.

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