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ran into a fellow bmo member

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8) The BMO brotherhood at work!

here is another shot from event, i was just there spectating

my car is off in the distance in this pic
Nice to see Got SVT (and son) at the auto cross
Those darn Corvettes are sweating.
I ran Bridgestone SO4 (280 wear rating) against their R1's
A little greasy on the early runs- only 45 degrees.
End results show the Boss was less than a second back in the final results.
No big mods- (shifter/rotors/pads)- learn to drive 1st then spend.....
Bought a real track car- FR500C-05027 will leave the Boss as stock as I can stand on the street
Next xcross on the 28th
thanks, he was excited about his first ride in the boss

looking forward to seeing your new stang as well - going to race that at pitt race track i assume

Bill Pemberton said:
Plus they are really inexpensive -- though mega heavy.
Yes they are. I was test fitting one of my Enkeis with the Conti slicks this weekend (added some camber by hogging out the strut holes) and when I went to put the 302S wheel back on I was like wth?? If felt like it could anchor an aircraft carrier.

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