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Raptor tow truck????

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I have an 08 F250 Diesel which tows my trailer like it's not even back there but due to the fact that I use the 250 in my business it's about time to replace it due to needing a write-off. As my next truck I have considered an F150 and from what I've learned it would pull my 20' enclosed trailer fine. I like the Raptors but have read where they are not good tow trucks. One would think with the wider stance they would be an even better truck for towing than a regular 150. Just wondering if anyone uses their Raptor for towing and how it does or is there some reason I'm overlooking that makes a Raptor incompatible with towing. Thanks
Isn't the Raptor issue more of a weight capacity? It might be fine for towing a lighter open trailer but with a larger encolosed trailer it gets too close or above it's rated capacity. I test drove one last Fall it it's very nice. Feels like a big sports car actually but not fast enough. ;D

My friend has one, he used to have an F250. He tows a fairly large enclosed trailer with 4 motorcycles and tools. It is pretty comical to watch, the truck bucks and sways quite a bit, but it is not so fun inside especially in stop and go. I would say that is the biggest disadvantage with conventional towing, the suspension has too much movement. Probably not a good idea to use one of those in the bed hooks either, with all that bucking.

It can be done, it just is not as good as a regular truck.
Thanks for the tips. I read on the F150 showroom brochure that the Raptor, in stock form, has an 8,000lb. towing capacity and I figure my trailer with a car inside will be about 7200lbs. The regular 150 can pull up to 11,000 something, with the same big 6 liter gas engine as the Raptor, so it must boil down to the shocks and suspension travel. Maybe a firmer shock would cure the problem. I am not into off-roading, just like the way the Raptor looks. The other thing is I probably wouldn't pull a trailer but a couple of times a year at most so maybe it is doable. Thanks
Didn't the tow rating used to be lower? I didn't get one partially because I sometimes drag a 10k lb dump trailer and I seem to remember the rating being more like 5k.
I don't know about the older ratings.. It was a 2013 brochure I was looking at and "towing package" was one of the options listed for the '13 Raptor.
I have a 2012 Raptor supercab. I traded in my 09 F250 for it a year ago. Yes there is a huge difference in the towing ability. LOL. I tow my 7000lb (max load) dump trailer pretty often and I have towed several cars including my girlfriends 68 SS Chevelle 396 with no trouble. Although I can definitely feel the trailers when their loaded. It s best to think of the Raptor as a BOSS that you can take off road. It is fast and rides like a Caddy, it just feels alot different from the BOSS. I have beat a coworkers '10 WRX drag racing several times (on the street). And he gets madder each time! LOL.
If it were me, and money wasn't an issue, I'd be getting another diesel.

The 6.7L that Ford has the Super Duty line, combined with the automatic 6, is phenomenal. 800 ft-lbs of torque right off the showroom floor with a warranty. The transmission is really nice for towing. Either leave it in Tow/haul and let the computer figure it out, or place the shifter in 'M' and use the switch on the shift stalk to manually go up/down in gears, and to stay in the gear that you want.

Raptors are cool. The Super Duty is a tow vehicle.
Thanks for the additional info. I am really on the fence as to what I'll end up with. I recently drove a new F250 with the 6.something gas and didn't seem to have the power I was expecting leading me to think diesel again. Problem is my truck is my daily trans and I am tired of a big rough riding diesel and the sometimes aggravation of finding fuel when you are on a trip. If Raptors ride like a Caddy then I may try one. I'll only be pulling a trailer once or twice a year maximum so it would seem like a decent trade off even if the Raptor is a little weak for the job. I have also considered an Excursion but finding a nice one isn't easy. I wish Ford would bring the Excursion back.
I have the super cab Raptor and it is OK as a tow vehicle but it is no where near as good in that role as my older F-250. If I am towing a car for any distance the F-250 is the vehicle of choice, it pulls so much better and you don't notice the load like I do with the Raptor But the Raptor is more fun to drive and I would use it to tow a car in a couple hour radius, it will get up and move if you get on it while towing.
I may be over simplifying what you said, but based on what I read, you should get yourself a diesel and spend some money to make it look however you like. If you primary reason for wanting a raptor is the looks, it doesn't make sense to buy one and then modify it to be as a solid tower as it sounds like you need.
My '09 F250 was way better for towing and I plowed snow with it too. I had the 5.4 with 3.73 gears, supercab and it towed any loaded car trailer I towed with no problems. I had an F 350 diesel before that and it towed way better but I prefer gas to diesel. Just personal preference so no need to lambast me. I know the diesel is the better work horse. But in New England diesel is about a dollar a gallon more then gas. The Raptor is more fun to drive everyday and it does get better milage then my F250 did. I get average 14 mpg in Raptor. I drive 50/50 city/highway. I did all the mods to the F250, tires, rims, flares, etc. but the Raptor is still more fun. I do go four wheeling so its not just for the looks. I only tow a car a couple times a year and usually not more then 4 hour radius. I do tow my dump trailer at least once a month but it's max is 7000lbs. I usually have my John Deere Gator or lawn mowers, wood etc. in it. So for me the Raptor is perfect. I like it better then any truck I've ever had. And the seats are second only to the Boss 302!
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This happened just north west of Dallas at an event called "Rednecks with Paychecks". Go figure

Jimmy Pribble said:
"Here, hold my beer for a second..."


Probably not a lot of relevant information contained within this video. ;)

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