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Rear brake pads for racing

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Really like the Pagid rsl29 on the rears, they are expensive as hell but they can easily can last a season..... (maybe two??). Also used the Gloc r12, cheaper but last half as long. Always assuming you have traction control all the way off....
Gloc's wear out fast?! i just got a set.. G12 front G10 rear. ugh.. should have grabbed those stainless steel pad EBCs.
Kinda on subject. My 2012 Boss has the S550 6 piston front conversion and 2013-2014 Shelby rear rotors. I use GLoc R12 front and R8 rear with Michelin PS4S, 275/305 f/r. Sometimes on track, usually when getting into ABS the rear axle will hop violently. Seems like if I stay out of ABS, threshold braking, it doesn't do it.

What could be causing this violent hop? Is brake proportioning handled by the ABS unit or just the different brake compounds?

I'm going to make the move to 200TW tires early next year in the same sizes. Would this help the violence or make it worse???
You can also change the location of your rear control arms.. there are a couple attachment points on the rear mounts (if you have after market). This will prevent the axle from easily compressing during the ABS mode. its worth a try only takes 10min to adjust.

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