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Rear end noise

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Last night I went with my wife to pick up a piece of furniture, and transported some of it in my car with the back seats down. I had not noticed it before, but with the seats down, the rear end is quite loud. Anyone else with a torsen front end ever notice this?

I've got about 12k miles on my car. They have not been hard miles, but I have not changed out the rear end fluids from stock.
Whiny Boss???

Some noise is to be expected...

Setting up a R&P is a fine art, indeed..

The Torsen may also exhibit some complaints from time to time.

Probably nothing to worry about unless the noises are very loud and/or the backlash is out of spec

My $0.02
The only whine I ever hear usually comes from the area of the passenger seat and it usually occurs if I'm going faster than the person in that seat thinks I should be going.
If the noise is between 76 and 81 mph then its most likely the ring and pinion.
Ford has replaced mine 3 times.
Starts out great and the after a couple thousand miles comes back. The second one they put in got really loud to where I couldn't stand it.
The 3rd one isn't to bad yet, but, is getting louder.
I don't know if it's too loud or not, it certainly is a noticeable noise with the seats down. I can't say that I notice it nearly as much with them down. I've never had a torsion rearend before, but I would say that if it was a ring and pinion, I would think that it would be louder than I would like.

I've got around 12k miles.

I was wondering if everybody else with the seat/torsen option is loud. I'm guessing that mine is ok, but it isn't like there is another B2 anywhere around for me to sit in and compare my car.

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