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Remove exhaust plate video?

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Has anyone made a picture or video procedure for removing the exhaust plates?


Haven't seen a vid but this is good!
Get a 15mm ratcheting end wrench.

Unbolt the two that hold the disc.

Unbolt the one that is right in front of the wheel.

Remove pipe.

Remove disc.

Slide the pipe back on.

Install the bolt in front of the wheel loosely.

Install the two bolts at the disc flange while holding the pipe in place.

Make sure the pipe isn't too close to the floor.

Tighten bolts.

No lift required for me.
What he said ^ except if the pipe does not have a good gap to the floor, loosen the bolt on the strap (ignore the weld, it is only on one side) and twist it by hand so the bend is angled down. Pretty common issue. Also when tightening the flanges, make sure they line up.
I'm considering buying a new set of baffles (mine are 7/8" modified) and slotting the bolt holes so I can slide them in and out just loosening the two nuts a bit. I was hoping to install a cutout but all I found are electric ones and I am not interested. If they made something like the QTP but with a lever instead of a motor then I would be all over it.
I like my neighbors, I doubt they would complain because they are really nice, but I feel bad rumbling in late at night with the exhaust popping. So they will come out for the track then go back in, hogged out a bit.


Yeah, I live next to a bunch of families with kids and when I decide to pull the boss out for an evening cruise I'm sure it'll annoy them! Haha.

Thanks for the instructions on removing the plates. I hope someone does a picture or video blog to accompany it.

The instructions are clear, but some of the technicals are better accompanied with images for us noobs.

Is it possible to do it without jacking the side of the car? I read some people have, but do they just feel around for the bolts or someone slither under the car?

EDIT: nevermind, I see the link Fordman9870 posted. Thanks!!
I'm a fatty and I did it on the floor. Advice if you are doing it on the floor: buy one of the box wrenches that ratchets in the right size (someone here must have posted, I don't recall off hand).

This is not the one I have, but to clarify what I mean


The inside most bolts are a pita on the ground because you keep hitting the wrench on the pavement and only get like 1/8 rotation. Socket will not fit. I did it once with a regular box wrench then bought the ratcheting one before reinstalling my modified baffles. No bruises, not soreness lol. $10 well spent.
Well the wife will be gone all day Saturday so I know what my project will be. My neighbors will get a wakeup alarm every morning when the Boss goes to work at 6:00 A.M. I can finally payback the guy next door with the Harley. Thanks for the tips!
DigiCowboy said:
I have never even thought about putting the them back in ........

I had to put them back in for an open track day at Laguna Seca. They're safely stored back in the tool box now! :D

I live in the country so no real close neighbors to irritate. It's still not as loud as my truck or my Falcon or my dune buggy, or my dirt bike... ;D

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