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rheostat/dimmer switch problem?

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Hey guys,

so I've been driving the boss for a couple of days now and I've realized that when I turn the parking lights or the headlights on, the interior lights dim.
so i adjusted the dimmer switch to max brightness while the headlights were on, but still resulted in a dimmer light compared to when the headlights were off, which i thought was normal.
But occasionally the interior lights go to max brightness by themselves and stay there for a min or two then dim again while the headlights are on. sometimes the interior lights stay on max brightness and when i try to adjust the dimmer nothing happens.
so is this normal or is my dimmer switch shorting out?

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I think that's just an auto-dimming function adjusting to the light inside the cabin. Mine always activates when I put the sun shade up or down or pull into the garage. A little annoying at first, but I guess one gets used to it.
It is pretty annoying imo, even with the lights set to on the interior lights will dim and brighten as I pass through shady areas driving. I thought it was just my perception as I passed through the shade at first.


Thats what that bump on top the dash is dead middle..........try and take notice when you drive during the day and pass through tree shaded area then back to light.....they change to whats going on outside, automatically if you turn the headlights on.
I knew that little bump was for the auto headlights, but didn't know interior lights were connected to the sensor as well.
Black masking/electrical tape wouldn't be noticeable on there lol.


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if you put tape on there then you render the auto head light feature useless and the dash lights will be full on bright all the time.

I had a problem with my dimmer switch where the switch in any other postion other than max or min brightness would make the map lights turn on.

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