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Running TSW Nurburgring wheels? Come in.

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I went to my wheel guy today to order some TSW Nurburgring wheels in the stock factory wheel sizes. He called his TSW rep, and the rep said that the Nurburgring wheel wouldn't work on the Boss because the center caps would not clear the factory grease cap. The rep said I might have to run spacers if I wanted to run center caps on the front. I call BS. I'd like comments from those who are running the Nurburgring wheels on their Boss.
This is true. I have 19x9 +32 for the front and the front edge of the center hub is line to line with the grease cap. I haven't had time to see if I can modify the center cap to work. Right now just running without center cap. TSW says to run 19x8.5 +20 on the front for cap to fit. When I did a trial fit it stuck too far outside the fender IMO. I like the look of the wheels too much to let the center cap fit keeping me from using them. The 19x9.5 +41 fit perfect on the rear, center cap too if you want to use it. The 19x10.5 +27 on the rear again stick out too far,IMO.
I run 20"x9.5" TSW Interlagos which are spec'd the same as the Nurburgring wheels and the center cap fits fine. They are 49mm of offset I do use a 1/8 spacer but I didn't always. And I had to use centering rings.
Bumped from the graveyard!

Figured might as well add on to this thread, in case anyone else is looking all the info will be in one place.

Has anyone tried the TSW Nur in 18x9.5? Met 2 kids at the track with GTs with big brake kits, and they had a buddy with a Boss but he wasn't there, and all 3 of them run the TSW Nur in 18x9.5 and they said there are no issues. They didn't mention whether a centering ring is needed. The price seemed good, they are only 21 lbs, and they claimed they have stood up to plenty of abuse. Plus they look good. I'm thinking about setting the car up for TTA and need to ditch the 19s.

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