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Second gear

When shifting from 1st to 2nd gear in my 13 BOSS, second gear started to chatter then kick me out a few weeks ago under normal driving. I thought it might have been because I went to the drag strip and messed it up. I went to my dealer and took the service manager out for a spin and he managed to replicate it 3 times in about a mile and a half.
He said he wanted to check for any TSB's before submitting a warrenty claim, and sure enough, threre is one for the exact problem I'm having. Its going in on September 15th. I showed him the CJ Pony parts install video of the Blowfish bracket, he loved the idea and said I should get one so they can instal it when they put the tranny back in.
I have about 4 months before my 3 years is up, (I have track key installed), so I just want anyone who has the beginnings of this problem, to go in and get the TSB done before its to late.
I haven't had any issues with mine but I wanted to clarify that your warranty is 5 years for the powertrain. The TK FR warranty is 3 years IF TK can be proven to cause the problem. TK only effects the engine. I have not heard of a single failure caused by TK so don't worry about it.
Hopefully they'll get you sorted, would be interested to know the TSB number for future reference. Mines been good so far except for a slight bit of notchines but I must admit to not really using 1st gear much during city driving.
If you can post any details of the TSB such as the number or specific information regarding what all is included in the solution, it would be pretty helpful.

Sounds like you have a good dealership though, since they are ok with installing aftermarket parts like the Blowfish bracket. Wish I had a mod friendly dealership here
Good to know about the warrenty length, thanks. As soon as I take it in, I will get the TSB# and post what is all involved for you. My dealership is good in that way for sure, they helped me with my BMR adj UCA and pinion angle as well, and got my GT500 mufflers for me. Not the most knowledgeable dealership, but at least are willing to listen and learn. I tell them a lot of info I have gained from this site and brag you guys up all the time. They seem to trust the answeres I get from you guys.
They hardly sell any Mustangs up here as we are in northern British Columbia with a population of only 11,000 people, but always try to help me and other Mustang owners out.

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