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Shelby GT500KR Axle Reservoir question

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I've had mine sitting here for a couple of weeks......wondering the same thing. I'm wondering if one serves as a vent for gases or increased pressure? Seems like the single hose in my kit would be long enough for one run to the diff.



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Resident Mental Patient
Found some instructions, found some photos.

Turns out, this replaces the plug in the passenger side axle tube. Second nipple stays open and vents to the atmosphere to allow fluid to drain back.
Seeing that both axle tubes are sealed and the Boss uses a vent on top of the center section, it may take some simple modifications to use this.



You can attach the hose to the top of your diff cover, or to the axle.
I went to the axle. Glad I did because I didn't need to move it when I added my Whiteline Watts link this spring.
Either way, make sure axle movement doesn't push the hose onto the exhaust.
Pete is also on the axle since he has a FRPP diff cover.
Guess you need to find some sort of vent for the curved pipe.


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Installed my Shelby reservoir today.

Slightly different from above.

I have a FRPP diff cover/girdle which does not have the breather hole. The breather fitting on my axel is on the drivers side, opposite from the reservoir. Had to install a longer hose as well as a 90 degree 3/8" compression filling at the reservoir.

Surprised to find the axel was wet from gear oil.

Glad I installed the reservoir. Should eliminate the overflow issues.

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