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So my friend bought a Focus ST

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Check this out, my friend is almost 50 and has NEVER owned an American Made car before. He's owned nothing but Japanese cars. He really likes my Boss and asks me about it frequently. He's been looking at a Focus ST and Civic Si for the past several months and bought the ST this weekend. I asked him what was the deciding factor and he said he thought it was really cool looking and it was FAST! I think Ford is really on a roll and I never thought he'd actually buy a Focus let alone the ST. I think winning someone over that has never owned an American made car before is a big win for Ford.
I was also in a similar situation as your friend. I was pretty sure I'd never buy an American car, mainly because of the reliability issues I had with a Chrysler I owned and a Buick my dad owned. But once I read about the new mustangs, and specially the Boss, I knew it was the right car.

I think ford is doing a great job!

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