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Spring question T, P or Steeda and camber

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Hi, was about to get a set of springs for track use that did not have a big drop. Is there any difference in diameter of the springs? Was thinking which spring can take the most camber or are the all the same? I can get away with -1.5 on the stock setup with no knocking of the springs on the shock tower. Can not take a big drop as the roads to our tracks are not very good. Was thinking the T or Steeda springs would give me the perfect height.

Have MM camber plates and square 275/35-19 DIrezza IIZ tires, The rest of the suspension is stock.
Splatter said:
Thanks, was trying to find the P spring rates and actual drop front and rear. Seams to be almost nothing up front and 1 inch in the rear??
That's correct. Many of us are using the P springs on our Bosses.
I have the steeda boss springs , the car sits nice and no nasty noises going over speed bumps etc , when I first put my springs and steeda plates on , I also pushed up on the top of the tires before tightening the two strut bolts , before it was aligned I had 2.25 on one of the sides and could still get my fingers in between the shock tower and the closest part at the top of the spring , way more clearance than I expected having that much neg camber . I set my camber at 1.25 for the street , works great.
After much debate on this very subject I just had P springs installed sat. Havent been able to drive it enough to get a feel yet.

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