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Super GT Cup - Round 7 - Buttonwillow


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Yeah i saw a white mustang doing 35mph around the track at chuckwalla 不不不.
(Guy in White Mustang had a problem and tried to be nice and point everybody by, not wanting to pull off and get a yellow.)
Yeah unfortuantely like Tommy a first session with a gentlemen agreement.
Now ... In willow springs is different than bwillow or streets i agree but we also now know..who is a bluff or who isn't.
A funny thing We have received complaints about mustangs or even GT4 holding up...miatas.
Gt4 declearing they were doing 49 at bwillow while they were pacing 2.02.
But now we know.
We have thought about splitting the groups in supergt cup and APEX. the issue is there are very very fast corvette and very very slow mustang or challengers or whatever. Meaning we can have kevin Burke doing a 1.47 and also a 2:30 mustang. 40sec difference is not only painful for time attack but most important extremely dangerous.
That is why the time attacks are based on laptimes.
All the other organizations including nasa mix everyone from open wheel cars to NA miata and they put them in one group (not 2 like ongrid) and then is up to the driver to find is best laptime. Norcal use session 1 for pre gridding while nasa socal doesnt. They said " this is also you see a good driver".

And believe me. We had miatas at daytona...was dangerous. And scary arriving 45mph faster then them into t1.
The friday session for pre gridding was first come first serve.
I usually place my self spot 6 or 7.
Leaving enough for faster drivers. Well that day a MIATA with 190whp placed itself in P1 For that session. Super super annoying.
That is the misunderstanding of gentleman agreement.

Anyway. We have now timenfor bwillow. We know 99% ofnthe people showing up and more important. Drivers know each other better. So should be way better. :)

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