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SYNC Issues

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So, after filling up my iPod with about 30,000 songs/40GB worth everything was working fine for about 700 miles. Then I started getting a message "Index is full" and then "voice Commands are not available on this device". So I called SYNC support.

Apparently, Sync can only handle about 15,000 lines of information before the index is full and it disables voice commands... So I am only putting about 3,000/6GB worth of songs on the device and seeing if that solves the issue as the SYNC tech rep suggested...

Just FYi if you get that message according to the tech you need to remove some songs...
What's SYNC? :D
darreng505 said:
5 DOT 0 said:
What's SYNC? :D

'13 option I believe. Integrates the car's electronics with devices - is my guess.

It's standard on the '13 Boss. And, yes, that's basically what it does...integrates your iPhone/iPod/Android device via USB or Bluetooth with the car's electronics. Also enables Voice Sync, which is somewhat similar in function to GM's OnStar. Not as easy to use as it should be, though.
well he was joking.

sync needs to be reset every now and then (battery disconnect) seems to resolve most issues.
You can also pull out the SYNC fuse on the passenger side kick panel. I find that it to be less of a pain than doing the battery disconnect.

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